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We were [and still are] HUGE fans of G4's [RIP] Asian Underground series. Jeff Wong and Chris Gore showcase rare, strange, crazy, and awesome films from Japan and beyond. Here you can easily access [mostly] all of the videos for easy future reference. We use it as our own personal list of "movies to watch". Enjoy!


"3 Outlaw Samurai", "Lupin The 3rd: DoA" & "Battle Royale"

Film expert Chris Gore checks in with Jeff Wong for their latest picks in Asian cinema, like 3 Outlaw Samurai, Lupin The 3rd: Dead or Alive, and Battle Royale.


"War Of Arrows", "Hell Driver" & "Outrage"

Jeff Wong and Chris Gore are back with their latest film picks from the Asian Underground, like War of Arrows about an archer fighting against the Qing Dynasty, or Hell Driver from Japan about a mysterious mist that transforms humans into zombies. They also review Outrage for fans of Asian gangster flicks!


Guide To Watching Anime Online

Jeff Wong and Chris Gore pair up for their latest anime picks, like Nabari No Ou available on Netflix, the cool selection from Funimation, and where else you can get your anime fix. Find out what they think about series like One Piece: Strong World and Naruto Shippuden.


"Godzilla" Favorites

You can't have films from Japan without radioactive monsters! That's why Chris Gore and Jeff Wong share their favorite and strangest imported DVDs like the original Japanese Godzilla from 1954, Invasion of the Astro Monster, and King Kong vs. Godzilla.


"Power Kids" & "Kamui"

Jeff Wong and Chris Gore return with Asian Underground and this time, they take a look at Thailand's Power Kids, about a group of children who steal a heart transplant for a friend and Kamui, about a powerful ninja trying to escape his violent past.


"City Under Siege", "K:20" & "Detective Dee"

Chris Gore and Jeff Wong bring us another edition of Asian Underground, reviewing superhero films of the Far East, including City Under Siege, K:20: The Fiend With Twenty Faces, and Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame.


"Deadly Outlaw: Rekka", "Crows Zero II" & "The Great Yokai War"

You can't talk about Asian cinema without mentioning Takashi Miike, which is why Chris Gore and Jeff Wong feature their picks from the infamous director, like Deadly Outlaw: Rekka, Crows Zero II and The Great Yokai War.


"Assault Girls", "Zombie Hunter Rika" & "Xcross"

Chris Gore and Jeff Wong get down and dirty with these three Japanese films chock full of violence and gore. Check out Assault Girls about female killers hacking their way through a video game world, Zombie Hunter Rika about an amputee with a zombie arm transplant, and the sexy horror Xcross. Don't these just sound like the greatest films ever made?


"Bad Blood", "Chocolate" & "Yakuza"

Take a trip to the Far East with film experts Chris Gore and Jeff Wong, who cover their latest picks from Asian cinema, like Bad Blood about the Asian mafia, the martial arts packed Chocolate, and Japan's Yakuza.