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"Little Big Soldier", "The Divine Weapon" & "Legend of the Tsunami Warrior"

Fans of Asian cinema, sit tight! Film experts Chris Gore and Jeff Wong are back with their latest picks from the Far East, like Jackie Chan's Little Big Soldier, The Divine Weapon from South Korea, and the fantastical Legend of the Tsunami Warrior. Nice!


"High Kick Girl", "Black Ransom" & "Ip Man 2"

Film experts Jeff Wong and Chris Gore bring you three new reasons why you should become a fan of Asian martial arts movies, like High Kick Girl from Japan, the Hong Kong police action drama Black Ransom and the epic IP Man 2.


"14 Blades", "Golgo 13" & "Fire of Conscience"

Jeff Wong and Chris Gore report from Spin Fusion to break down their latest picks in Asian cinema, like the epic martial arts film, 14 Blades, the anime Golgo 13 and the police action drama, Fire of Conscience set in Hong Kong.


"Ichi", "Thirst" & "Cazador de la Bruja"

It's time to head back to the Far East with Chris Gore and Jeff Wong where they talk about their latest picks of Asian Cinema, like Ichi, a new take on the classic blind assassin legend Zatoichi, vampires in South Korean with Thirst, and anime bounty hunters in Cazador de la Bruja. Wicked awesome!


"Vengeance", "Samurai Princess", and "Evangelion 1.0"

Film experts Chris Gore and Jeff Wong take a look at three films from Asian cinema that celebrate oversized robots destroying civilization as we know it, like Vengeance, Samurai Princess, and more. Movies with destructive giants are always awesome!


"Blood: The Last Vampire", "Kitaro", and "Cutie Honey"

Jeff Wong partners up with Chris Gore to run down their top picks of Asian cinema, like 'Blood: The Last Vampire', 'Cutie Honey', and 'Kitaro.'


"Ip Man", "Samurai School", and "Sword of the Stranger"

Film experts Jeff Wong and Chris Gore are back with an all new Asian Underground; this time, the duo heads to the Far East with reviews on the martial arts import, Ip Man, the live action Samurai School, and the period piece, Sword of the Stranger. It's Asian cinema at its finest!


Michelle Yo, Kung Fu Temptress

Jeff Wong and Chris Gore are back to show us a few flicks featuring China's greatest sexy martial artist, Michelle Yo, including Supercop, Tai Chi Master, and Heroic Trio. She'll remind you all about the beauty and grace of the martial arts.


"Kung Fu Fighter", "Gurren Lagann", and "Tokyo Gore Police"

There's a ton of sweet film coming out of Asia. Luckily, Jeff Wong is your boy when it comes to getting you all the info you need to know about which ones to check out. For instance, peep the futuristic and bizarre Tokyo Gore Police.


"Black Belt", "Ghost Hunt" and "Oneechanbara"

Jeff Wong is back with Chris Gore to give us his take on a few DVDs you should check out from the Asian Underground; stuff like the pseudo-doc, Black Belt and the 'Ghost Hunt' anime series.

Jeff will also tell us about Oneechanbara: The Movie, which if you haven't seen it, will change your mind about how hot killing zombies can be. When you see the main character, you will thank Japan for all they have contributed to mankind, and you will reach for the slo-mo button on your remote.