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"Baby", "Darker Than Black" and "Yo-Yo Girl Cop"

Jeff Wong and Chris Gore return to give you the latest on what the Asian Underground has to offer to the film world with reviews on Baby, Darker Than Black, and Yo-Yo Girl Cop.

You should also check out the full trailer for Yo-Yo Girl Cop. It will make you wish you were a hot, teenage, Asian yo-yo tossing hero, 'cuz then maybe Asamiya would like... be your girlfriend and stuff.


"The Rebel", "Claymore", and "Triangle"

It's time to let film wizards, Chris Gore and Jeff Wong, take you to the underground for a smattering of new Asian films you should see, including The Rebel, Claymore, and Triangle.

The Rebel is a story of anti-French rebellion in Vietnam during the war, Claymore pits humans against the demons that haunt them, and Triangle is the story of buried treasure. It's an Asian triad of good times, so why not check it out?


"Blood Brothers", "Shamo", and "Straight Jacket"

Chris Gore and Jeff Wong are back to give us the what's what in the Asian Underground film world with reviews for Blood Brothers (a dramatic action thriller set in 1930s Shanghai), Shamo (based on the Manga series about a murderous martial artist), and Straight Jacket (an anime film about a freelance sorcerer hired to fight demons).


"Hair Extension", "Hellsing", and "Vengeance"

Jeff Wong and Chris Gore once again hit the Asian Underground to try and find DVDs you might not see every day, including Hair Extension, the manga-to-movie Hellsing, and Vengeance.


The Works of Stephen Chow

Chris Gore pays homage to one of the greatest writer, director, martial artists in all of Chinese cinema, Stephen Chow by showcasing some of his most popular films, CJ7, Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle.


"Shadowless Sword", "Restless", and "Tiger Blade"

Jeff Wong and Chris Gore once again delve into the Asian Underground to bring us 'The Legend of the Shadowless Sword,' 'Restless,' and 'Tiger Blade'.


"Mad Detective", "Crow's Zero", and "The Warlord"

Chris Gore and Jeff Wong are back in the Asian Underground to talk about those Far Eastern movies that you might not have caught the first time around, like Mad Detective, Crow's Zero, and The Warlord.


"Invisible Target", "Vexville", and "Dirty Carnival"

Chris Gore and Jeff Wong head to the Asian Underground to take a look at some far out Far East DVDs, including Jackie Chan's son Jaycee in Invisible Target, and a Korean crime movie called Dirty Carnival.


"Paprika", "Typhoon", and "Nightmare Detective"

Chris Gore and Jeff Wong hit the streets of the Asian Underground to bring us looks at 'Paprika', a mind-traveling sci-fi type film, 'Typhoon', a nuclear pirate tale, and 'Nightmare Detective', a bizarre traversal through some dream lands. It's certainly Asian, and definitely underground, but Chris and Jeff know their stuff, so they have you covered.


"Flashpoint", "Bleach", and "Storm Riders"

In this edition of Asian Underground, Chris Gore and Jeff Wong review some films from the Far East, such as Flashpoint, Storm Riders, and Bleach. It'll be a Far Eastern blast, so saddle up and check it out, why don't you?