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A Rant from Ivan

Time for a little rant from me...

The sheer volume of information on the Internet is overwhelming to say
the least. The number of opinions about life, liberty and our pursuit
for fame are as plentiful as beads during Mardi Gras. Throughout our 9
year ride as Florida's best kept musical secret, we have encountered
many critics, pundits, consultants, hipsters, jokesters and industry
insiders that all seem to have "the answer" for us to succeed.

Does anyone really have the answer? Do critics? Is their flowery
reductio ad absurdum of all things unhip, and the blind zeal for all things
that are on the fringe, right? Does a good review grant you access to
success' tightly kept secret grotto? Although some critics are very good at
what they do, they merely react and advise.

Do pundits and industry insiders? Is their vitriolic criticism of the
way things are and should be the catalyst for change? Are their personal
agendas getting in the way of their subjective interpretation of the
status quo or the trends? Most likely. A man's soul is his greatest
repository of personal pollution.

But despite all these naysayers and disinformationeers, someone does
have the answer. The fan. That's the only opinion that carries any weight
in the end. If people don't come out to a show, or buy merchandise, or
tell their friends about the awesome new band they just discovered,
then no amount of press or media saturation can create a career for you.

Notice I said create a career, not make you famous. Fame doesn't exist
anymore. Not in the neo-classical sense instilled upon us by the 80s
and early 90s. Thank MTV's lack of video showing and radio's closing of
their playlists for that. Not Napster or Limewire or Kazaa. The fan
controls the distribution channel and the technology path. All we need to
do is follow it.

We all are fans. We all love music to some degree or another. That's
why we do what we do. That's why Disqo is in a car to Chicago today to
attend a music conference. That's why we send out 100 bulletins asking
you to check out our new vides and vote for us for a radio contest. We
want you to know your help does impact our life directly and we thank you
for the time you spend helping us succeed. We wish we could do
something for you in return. Just let us know.

To finish this little rant, I would like to ask you a few questions:
What do you want? Or maybe more importantly, what don't you want? Do you
want a hit single? Do you want an album full of singles? What's an
album to you 7 songs? 10 songs? 20 songs? Do you want a CD or an MP3
download? Do you want a new album every year? Do you even know what you want?
Does it really matter? Not knowing is OK too.

You don't need to have the answers, but you do hold the key to making
sure that we keep asking the questions. If we stop asking, then we
aren't doing this altruistically. The music business needs to change to
become about passion and expression not about branding and selling the most
units possible.

Let's make it happen together.

Ever so devoted,

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