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Iraq Dental: Part 2

Note from the Editor: The following e-mail was sent to me in response to the previous entry from a soldier with a similar experience, whose rank I did not receive. For the sake of continuity, we shall call him SFC [Sergeant First Class] Vulich.
[Received 21 June 2008] 
So just to make you feel a little better about your dental visit in Iraq, I'll share with you mine....
So this was during my last rotation at FOB Warhorse. I knew I had a cavity and didn't want it to get any worse (for the fear of losing the whole tooth, or going through something similar to your adventure).

So anyway, I go to dental sick call which was in one of those old buildings way in the back in some dirty whole. I get put in one of the chairs and like you said, some young SGT comes in and asks me what my problem is. I tell him I have a cavity in the back on my last molar. He looks inside and says he can't see anything. I know it's there; I can feel it with my tongue (yes it was that bad). LOL. So the dentist comes in - a 24yr old CPT (Captain) who has been stop-lossed! Yipee, a happy one! So he says he'll take a look. He turns on his IPOD and what is playing????? No, no elevator music, nothing calming. He's playing Nine Inch Nails! This is kinda scary. I have an angry stop-lossed dentist rocking out to some crazy NIN. This is when I notice the decorations he's hung up in the office. Really twisted, scary pictures. I swear I'm living a NIN video.
So the dentist starts poking around in my mouth, and as strange as it can seem, I do have a small mouth (with some big teeth), so his fat fingers poking around don't feel too good or quite fit well.  Anyways by the end of this live NIN video that I'm living, I end up with a capped tooth, gums cut and bleeding, the edges of my mouth torn a little bit and bleeding from him expanding my mouth. More pain then I started with, and I don't even get quarters [living arrangements]! I have to go back to work!
So that was the first and last time I went to the dentist in Iraq!

-SFC Vulich

Reader Comments (2)

Yikes. That sounds scary.

Hard to read, too. You need to make your font bigger.

July 23, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterdiesel

Thank you for your input. We do our best to listen to the suggestions in our comments. Keep checking back. Letters from Iraq keep coming in my email. Thanks for paying attention. I hope the larger font is easier to read now. Let us know what you think. Thanks again.

July 23, 2008 | Registered Commenter489 Entertainment

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