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     I wanted to post another email from Iraq today, but when I checked my Gmail, I could't find the next post. Now, I'm not condemning Gmail here, because it's highly likely that I may have erased them by accident, which has happened before, but these were emails I wanted to hold on to on purpose, which leads me back to believe that Gmail may be at fault for failing to archive my emails correctly. I digress. This entry is not about bitching at Google, it's just that I am having a fairly rough time existing these days, and the lack of material for my next post was the cherry on top.
     Have you ever felt that all your successes and accomplishments never stack up to anything? Did you ever feel that, no matter how much you have going for you, i.e., friends and family, a good [not great] job, and a decent social life, that it never stacks up to the bad funk you may find yourself in? Why is that? I have a great family. We are closer than we have ever been. I have wonderful friends. I consider myself to be musically talented, among other things as well, like writing lyrics and screenplays, photography, and for all my geeks out there, I am kick-ass at video games. (Not a great accomplishment, I know, but for some reason it means something to us nerds. [Check out my latest GH2 accomplishment to the left on my TwitPic Feed. Epic.])
     I have been doing everything to keep myself busy, which is usually the advice I get from people when I ask them how to keep from analysing too much over something in particular. The past month has been filled with activity. My parents' birthdays are in the same month. We celebrated and had a blast! My cousin came down from California with her daughters that I had yet to meet. My new cousins are adorable! My friends from the Midwest were able to come down to Clearwater for some time. We rented a boat and celebrated by shutting down the bar every night they were here. That was amazing! My best friend just got married this past weekend as well. As a gift to them, I was able to provide music and sound for the ceremony and had the pleasure of DJ'ing their reception, too. Good times were had by all.
     So with all this activity, and having the fortune of "living the life"... why all this negative energy still? I just don't get it.
     I feel super-selfish complaining about my funk while knowing that I am truly blessed. I'm at a loss for thoughts, and I can't put words to something, describing it, if it doesn't exist. Does anyone have any advice? What do you do when you feel down about something you can't quite put your finger on? Someone out there has to have the secret. If not THE secret, then at least A secret, that can be shared with the rest of us. I hope this doesn't sound like whining and/or complaining. I hate it when people do that. These are just my thoughts... and I have the ability to share them with all of you. Comments, critiques, and hell, even slams are welcome at this point. Thanks for your time.

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