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Aaron Bond - "All Original dNb" Mix

So Bond was not originally going to release this mix to the public for FREE, but his fans demanded it, so here it is! 100% completely original tunes produced by Aaron Bond on this mix. It's a quick, 20-minute jumper that will move your soul. Released first on Noize.FM for the EDM Free Download Show. Fun fact: the songs that comprise this mix were all released as FREE singles on this very site as they debuted! We hope you enjoy, and as always, please share, re-post, like, and let the world know about Bond.

Track listing is as follows:

01. Aaron Bond - Changing Fate (Free Download)

02. Aaron Bond - Lazy Sunday (Free Download)

03. Aaron Bond - Default Error (Force Recordings)

04. Aaron Bond - Autumn Green (Free Download)

05. Aaron Bond - Face the Truth (Kill Inc.)

06. Aaron Bond - Summer Jam (Free Download)

07. Aaron Bond - Falling Backwards (Liquid Brilliants Dub)

08. Aaron Bond - Waving Goodbye (Liquid Brilliants Dub)

09. Aaron Bond - Bang, Bang (Liquid Brilliants)

10. Aaron Bond - Stories (Liquid Brilliants)

11. Aaron Bond - Move Forward (Force Recordings)

12. Charles Bradley - Where Do We Go From Here [Aaron Bond Remix]

13. Aaron Bond - Goldfinger (Free Download)

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