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Special Event Coverage: Art of War III

I promised a special journal entry for the weekend to make up for Tuesday's and Wednesday's missing entries. Here is a slideshow of the Art of War III Drum N Bass show in Orlando, FL @ Club Firestone. Special thanks to Circle K, Collab, and Bradleeray for making me feel so welcome. Enjoy!

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"Red, White and Black"

When Murdok's set began and they stated that "we apologize for what we are about to do to you," I was immediately sold. With a sound along the lines of old System of a Down with a hint of Mr. Bungle, Murdok serves up a hearty meal not fit for all, but some will LOVE this. Enjoy!

Download Murdok "Red, White and Black" ››

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New Parallel
"Broken Season"

Sorry I've missed the last couple of days with the free song, but I have been sick. I know that is no excuse for stopping free rock, so here is today's, plus I'll be posting some extras on the weekend to make up for some missed free tunes. So, continuing with the exposition of cool new bands Ivan came across at the Rock Solid Pressure Showcase, I'd like to introduce you to New Parallel. What I like most is Chris Dwight's Revis-meets-Chris Cornell vocals ondulating over 12 Stones/Creed riffs and tight modern rock rhythms. Check it out. Enjoy!

Download New Parallel "Broken Season" ››

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"Left Behind"

Ivan (from Soulfound) met Marashino at WMNF 88.5 FM studios early one Monday morning (1am) right after their gig at a local Tampa club. Great bunch of guys off the bat. Then, I had the privilege of seeing them showcase at the Rock Solid Pressure Showcase last week. This energetic screamo fivesome has been hitting the road hard on their own dime. Check them out if they come to your town. Enjoy!

Download Marashino "Left Behind" ››

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Ryan Wendell Bauer and the MIDI Sixteen
"Happy Friday"

Ryan Wendell Bauer and the MIDI Sixteen's "Happy Friday" is a light-hearted danceable ode to office pleasantries. Makes me think about The Talking Heads and Flight of the Conchords, while making a cameo in an episode of The Office playing Nintendo. This is dedicated to anyone listening from a cubicle... Especially on this Friday afternoon. How fitting! Enjoy!

Download Ryan Wendell Bauer "Happy Friday" ››

Check out Ryan Wendell Bauer's Website ››


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"Face of My Hero"

I saw Scilter at the Rock Solid Pressure Showcase last week and was impressed with their tight vocals, good songcrafting and appealing stage presence. I think this band has a future among fans of Nickelback, Three Days Grace and 3 Doors Down. Enjoy!


Download Scilter "Face of My Hero" ››

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Free Special Edition Podcast. Enjoy. Share.

SMAsh Radio presents Soulfound
Special Edition Podcast Download

Episode twenty-seven of SMAsh Radio is all about Soulfound. Joran and Ryan of SMAsh Radio sat down at the lovely Star Booty in Downtown St Petersburg, FL, for a chat about the local Tampa Bay music scene, the future of music distribution, and most importantly, to chat about their upcoming album 'Is A Rock Band.' Stay Up! Enjoy!

Go to SMAFlorida.com to Download the Podcast ››


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Trace of Day
"Bad Luck Dept."

Trace of Day's "Bad Luck Dept." is a catchy emo power-rock tune freshly cooked by TOD and Scott Fravala of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus fame. In their new EP, Scott's production style mixed with TOD's tight rhythms make for a winning combo. Enjoy!

Download Trace of Day "Bad Luck Dept." ››

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Ronnie Dee
"She Was"

Ronnie Dee's "She Was" is a poppin', rockin' ode to an unattainable chickadee that sounds like Weezer meets Electric Light Orchestra. Mos def a tune that you'll replay all day both through your speakers and in your head. Enjoy!

Download Ronnie Dee "She Was" ››

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Free Download: Bond August 08 DnB Mix!

Hello friends;

We have yet another surprise for you! A special treat from the weekend, if you will. Check out this exclusive Mix from our DJ, Aaron Bond. It's a 56 minute blend of aural greatness... "taking you from funk to tech and back again" - Bond. Showcasing Florida artists Flaco (Gainesville) and StereoType and Sopheye (Miami). Following is the full track listing and a link to the ENTIRE, FREE download! Once again, thanks for listening. Enjoy.

Majestics - Another Time (Liquid Brilliants)
Majestics - Blackly ft. Singlep (Liquid Brilliants)
DJ Clart - Nu Soul (Liquid Brilliants)
Blame - Hold The Sunshine (720 Degrees)
Mutt&Nemisis - Lady Love (Spearhead)
Flaco - Run Away (Rubik Records)
Alix Perez - Stray (Shogun Audio)
Command Strange - Made You (Liquid Brilliants)
Stereotype&Sopheye - Walk By (Ocean Breeze Digital)
Makoto - Monotonik ft. Deeizm (Bingo Beats)
Redeyes - Luv&Haight ft. Deezim (Spearhead)
London Elektricity - South Eastern Dream (Hospital)
Greg Packer - Hi-Tension (Interphase Records)
Stunna&Amaning - Mutual Life (Future Retro)
Donnie Dubson - Everywhere (Have A Break)
Danny Byrd - Soul Function (Hospital)
Contour - If All You Need Is Time (Sole Digital)
LAOS - Harmony (Future Retro)