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Aaron Bond - "Summer Jam"

We've been quiet lately, but not because we're not busy - quite the opposite. Aaron Bond is back with another tune from his FREE series. This jazzy, uplifting tune, really brings across the summer vibes. Sit back and enjoy this one on your back porch with a cocktail. Press PLAY to stream, "Like" Aaron on Facebook to download it for FREE, and as always, please share with your friends! Enjoy!

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DJ Jennifer Marley - "Electric Boom Boom" Mix [2.24.13]

Radio DJ and personality, Jennifer Marley, is gracious enough to allow us to share the mixes from her new show Electric Boom Boom on Party 95. She was just deemed "One of South Florida's gems of an artist" by a colleague of hers on Facebook. On a regular basis, she brings us the best in House, Tech House, Tribal Tech, Electro House, and Progressive House music. We'll get you up to speed here, but you can get the current mixes via her SoundCloud page. Press PLAY to stream, download for FREE, then don't forget to leave comments and share the music! Enjoy.

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Track list is as follows:

01. Fernando Mesa, Dani Carrera - U Got Soul (Original Mix)

02. Kevin Andrews, Jason Chance - Cubism (Rober Gaez Remix)

03. Miguel Bastida - Tropicana (Original Mix)

04. Drums House - Bonito Que Canta (Original Mix)

05. Ralph Good - Nishtyak (Belocca Dark Dub)

06. Saeed Younan - You Know I Got It (Saeed Still Got It Mix)

07. Igor Project - Lisboa (Original Mix)

08. Diego Infanzon - Terezo (Original Mix)

09. Teo Moss - Activation (Ian Osborn & Nicolas Francoual Remix)

10. Skydiver, D.F.K., UBRE - Fog Hoe Momma (Original Mix)

11. Funky Truckerz - Gimme Some (Reza Remix)

12. Chas Zoo - Get Funky (Original Mix)

13. Plastik Funk feat. Lyck - Cinderella Stereo (Dub Mix)

14. Marc Vedo - Familia (Original Mix)

15. Teo Moss - Bienvenue (Peter Brown Remix)


In the Stars - "James Dean"

In The Stars have already begun proving themselves in the highly competitive rock music scene of Los Angeles, CA. Displaying a wide variety of sounds from pounding anthems to brooding lullabies, In The Stars engages the listener’s full emotional spectrum. With their new EP, Rock It Science, all complete and readily available, the band is ready to trail blaze their way to their next level of success!

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Haustrap - "July 2013 Podcast" Mix

Hailing from the Southeast US - along with living abroad in Europe & Asia for 9 years - Haustrap now resides off the Gulf of Mexico in Tampa, Florida as a local House Music DJ and a staple within the downtown House scene. A seasoned DJ with over 10 years under his belt and well traveled around the globe, he has picked up different styles and techniques from different cultures and countries within the Electronic Music scene and has forged a hybrid style to call his own. Haustrap has spun alongside some of the industry’s top DJ’s within their field including George Acosta, Kimball Collins, Viro & Rob Analyze, Trip Theory, Spacemen, Vicious Vic, South Rakkas Crew, and DJ Monk of Rabbit In The Moon, just to name a few. Haustrap has now moved from being strictly a club DJ to crossing over into the production realm and is currently in the studio gearing up to release his own tracks which will be available for purchase soon at multiple Electronic Music download sites. This mix is 60 minutes of Electro House music from his podcast, available on SoundCloud and iTunes. Press PLAY to stream, then download your own copy for FREE, visit Haustrap on Facebook, and don't forget to share! Enjoy!

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Track list is as follows:

Lereezo - Rock The Beat

Schoolboy & James Egbert - All Systems Go

Fast Foot - Terminate

Disco Dirty Youth - Singapore

Far Too Loud - Drop The Bomb

Hot Sh!t - Bombs Away

Hypster - With Me Tonight

Hot Sh!t - Seize The Future

Loud & Proud - Untitled


AnnGree - "The Drop Prescription" Mix

She's back with yet another mix for your enjoyment! This time, AnnGree brings us over an hour of a Drum N Bass, Tech Step, and Neurofunk mix she created for a podcast on Silent Conspiracy Recordings. Press PLAY to stream, then download a copy of it for yourself for FREE, and don't forget to share! Stop by AnnGree's page and give her a "Like" to show some love and appreciation for all the great tunes and mixes she has given us. Enjoy!

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Track list is as follows:

01. Int Company - Misanthrope

02. Teddy Killerz - Violence

03. Paranoic Del - One Thing

04. Evol Intent - Era of Diversion (Gein & Black6 Remix)

05. Zardonic & Playma - Kickass (Neonlight Remix)

06. Audio - Burn It Down

07. Ogonek - The Battle

08. Max Shade & TiMe - Cybernatic Organism

09. Mastif - Enter the Dark Rift

10. Nphonix & Counterstrike - Maverick

11. Donny & Forbidden Society - Creator & Destroyer

12. Aeph ft Maksim - Black Hoax

13. Ogonek - My Whole Life

14. Deformaty - Black Sky

15. Zardonic, Throttler & Lowbss - Hypnotized (BSE Remix)

16. Max Shade & x3maL - Sedative

17. Counterstrike - Bionics

18. Katharsys - Life Is A Bitch

19. Zardonic, Memtrix, Cooh & No Money - Cut Raw (C-Netik & Fragz Remix)

20. Zardonic, Omar Santana & Evan Gamble - Dominate (Angel Remix)

21. Limewax - Everything (Kitech Remix)

22. Counterstrike - The Seed

23. Camo & Krooked - Feel Your Pulse (Mind Vortex Remix)

24. Teddy Killerz & Jade ft 2Shy - Blackout

25. Keosz & Trilo - Deadly Shadow

26. Agnostetics - Matrix

27. Rockwell - Detroit

28. Optiv & CZA - Journey Inwards


DeuceWild - "We All Need a Kick in the Ass!" Punk Rock Compilation Vol I

Who says DJs don't have any musical range? Not us. Normally bringing us Drum N Bass mixes, Deucewild continues to surprise us with this compilation of his favorite Punk Rock tunes. It just goes to show you that the common misconception that DJs don't have any musical breadth, is just plain wrong. It's quite the opposite, actually. Press PLAY to stream, download a copy for yourself for FREE, and don't forget to share. Enjoy!

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Track list is as follows:

Operation Ivy - Take Warning

NOFX - It's My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite

Descendents - I'm Not A Punk

Screeching Weasel - Dingbat

Bollweevils - New Dreams

Guttermouth - Under My Skin

The Queers - Feeling Groovy

30 Lincoln - East of the Motor City

Quincy Punx - Young and Dumb

Screeching Weasel - I Love to Hate

Teenage Bottlerocket - Mutilate Me

Swingin Utters - Brand New Lungs

Sublime - All You Need

Home Grown - Face In the Crowd

The Methadones - Bonus Track

Pennywise - Come Out Fighting

The Copyrights - Playing Dumb

Angry Samoans - You Stupid Asshole

Jugheads Revenge - 49 and 61

The Alligators - Dogfight

White Kaps - Germs

NOFX - Perfect Government

Red City Radio - Two for Flinching

Avail - Tuning

Descendents - I'm Not A Loser

Propagandhi - Hate, Myth, Muscle Etiquette


Ambition - "Start the Party" Mix

In honor of making new friends, we bring you the first mix since returning from the 4th. No stranger to the scene, Ambition has been involved in Electronic music since the late 90’s. Originally from the quad cities of Illinois, it was only natural to gravitate towards Chicago House & Detroit Techno. Ambition quickly formed his own high energy style of Dance music that draws influence from filtered Disco, Electro, House and Hip-Hop. His aggressive, yet melodic sound quickly grew a large following from various clubs, underground events, and radio shows. He quickly got his first residency at Club Inferno in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, but would not be stopped there. After playing at various clubs and underground parties all over Indiana, Illinois and Ohio, Ambition eventually moved to a new scene in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. It didn’t take long before Ambition was back in the best clubs and events around, playing at venues with the likes of George Acosta, Hirshee, Heavygrinder, Curtis B, Vaski, DJ Rap, Jackal & Hyde, Andy Hughes, Nerd Rage, Shock to the System, and many other DJs from all over the world. Check out Ambition on the radio, LIVE weekly on Projectradio.us and on Party95.com. Press PLAY to stream, download, and don't forget to share. Enjoy!

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Solo350 - "Garbage" [Official Video]

The Bully of Real Rap is at it again... and with gusto! Solo350 is back with HeadNokka Fam and is pouring it on thick with vocals from local [Used] Heroes [see what we did there?] Imagiin360, Mecca, Regason, Erythmic, and even a cameo by our very own Analysis489. See if you can spot him in this track. This is underground Hip Hop at it's finest, folks. Press PLAY to stream for FREE. Enjoy and don't forget to share. Cheers!

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Bryon Stout - "Audio Art: Show No. 9" Mix

Bryon Stout is back! Actually, he's always been here... we're just now trying to catch up. This time around, we are bringing you the next mix in the lineup for your enjoyment. Broadcasting LIVE every Saturday from 3pm - 6pm EST on DeepHouseLounge.com from Philly, PA, Bryan Stout delivers a sweet Deep House mix for our listening pleasure. Sit back and relax. Press PLAY to stream 3 hours of tunes (tracklist below) or download for FREE, comment, and don't forget to share! Enjoy.

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Tracklist is as follows:

01. Alfred Taylor - What You Need (Original Mix)

02. Emerson Todd - Deep Burn (Original Mix)

03. Alex Arnout - GiveU (Gwen Maze Sweet Dub)

04. Hot Since 82 - Let It Ride (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix)

05. Blond:ish - Lonely Days (Hunter_Game Remix)

06. Dana Bergquist Peder G - Survive (Original Mix)

07. Finnebassen - Touching Me (Original Mix)

08. Sebbo - Anyway (Daniel Bortz Remix)

09. Andre Guarda ft Moskardi & Marcelo Khapz - After Midnight

10. Balcazar & Sordo - Obsession (Original Mix)

11. Amber Jolene Nolan - Go Slow (Finnebassen Remix)

12. Xakosa & Rick Collins feat. Rick Collins - Heaven Only Knows (Mowgli Dub Remix)

13. Edmund - Gotta Jazz (Original Mix)

14. Tom Budden - Norooz (Original Mix)

15. Hector Couto & Santi Garcia ft Pablo Fierro - Let the Music Play (Giom Remix)

16. Monte - True (Original Mix)

17. Eli Escobar - Work It (DJ T. Edit)

18. Maxxi Soundsystem - There's No Love (Original Mix)

19. Jody Wisternoff & Pete Josef - Just One More (Martin Roth Remix)

20. Karmon - Feel It (Original Mix)

21. Hollis P Monroe - I'm Lonely (Laura Jones Remix)

22. Daniel Bortz - Can't Sleep At Night (Original Mix)

23. Modern Amusement - Cold As Ice (Louie Fresco Remix)

24. Style Of Eye - Whizkid (Audiojack Remix [Bonus Track])

25. Nicone - Why (Monte Remix)

26. Proof ft David A Tobin - Stuffa (Wolf + Lamb Remix)

27. She Junkie Wife - Aint Coming Down (Jozif Remix)

28. Hot Since 82 - Knee Deep in Louise (Original Mix)

29. Baunz - Let Me Feel It (Original Mix)

30. Finnebassen - What You Do (Original Mix)

31. BASSFORT - Moon Shadow (Original Mix)

32. NTFO - Feelings (Original Mix)

33. Wildkats - Perpetrating (Original Mix)

34. Midnite Radio Dirty Tourists - Leaving Skid Row (Jozif Remix)

35. Maceo Plex ft Odd Parents - Get Enough (Original Mix)

36. JASC - Victory Dance (NTFO Remix)

37. Zee & Eli - Voodoo (Hustlin Doffman Remix)


DrumSkool215 - "Episode 4" Mix

It's back! The 4th episode of the Philadelphia based DrumSkool215 podcast series featuring host Joey Breakdown and co-host Art Cuebik. Expect over 1 hour and 20 minutes of a blistering mix of classic choons from Andy C, Peshay, Omni Trio, Lemon D, Photek, Source Direct and more! Press PLAY to stream and/or download for FREE! Enjoy and share.

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