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Shy Kidx - "Orion" [Aaron Bond Dubstep Remix]

A while back, we showcased a tune by Aaron Bond that was up for a remix competition offered up by Indaba Music. Since then, he has been busy working on multiple projects including offering up some remastered freebies, finishing up the Synchronaria album, and even co-hosting a podcast! To keep things going, he is once again throwing his hat in the ring for another remix contest. This time, it's Shy Kidx synth-heavy Orion. Straying away from Drum N Bass influence on this one, his Dubstep Remix reaches a little deeper. This is his submission. Press PLAY to stream for FREE.


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DJ Jennifer Marley - "Electric Boom Boom" Mix [2.18.13]

Radio DJ and personality, Jennifer Marley, is gracious enough to allow us to share the mixes from her new show Electric Boom Boom on Party 95. She was just deemed "One of South Florida's gems of an artist" by a colleague of hers on Facebook. On a regular basis, she brings us the best in House, Tech House, Tribal Tech, Electro House, and Progressive House music. We'll get you up to speed here, but you can get the current mixes via her SoundCloud page. Press PLAY to stream, download for FREE, then don't forget to leave comments and share the music! Enjoy.

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Track listing is as follows:

1. Sean Finn - Riders On The Storm (Crazibiza Remix)

2. Crazibiza - My Lips (My Digital Enemy Remix)

3. Simon Doty - Ladders (Jerome Robins Mix)

4. Mark Bale ft Cosmo Klein - Gimme Some Love (Phil Fuldner Remix)

5. Freemasons ft Amanda Wilson - Love On My Mind (Carl Creme & Reza Remix)

6. Nicky Romero ft John Christian & Nilson - Still The Same Man (Original Mix)

7. Doc Brown, Le Brion, Rha Roo - Funky Fresh (Doc Brown Remix)

8. Diego Infanzon, Martin Duran - Valtafari (Original Mix)

9. Pagano ft Wilmien - Loca (Reza & Pagano 2012 Remix)

10. Reza - Bakongo (Manuel De La Mare Remix)

11. Reza & K-Klass ft Bobbi Depasois - Inside My Head (Nick Mentes Remix)

12. Villi & Atzeni - Crashed Bet (Original Mix)

13. Tom Tash & Pretty Pink ft Terri B - Love Is In The Air (Dub Mix)

14. Erick Morillo, Jose Nunez, Harry Romero, Sympho Nympho - Build It Up (Original Mix)

15. DJ Sign & DJ Cream - Sittin and Thinking (Cosmic Funk Remix)


Synchronaria - "Caught In This Moment"

The new single from Synchronaria's upcoming full length record is finally here!!!

Caught In This Moment is an emotional roller coaster featuring the vocals of both Damian "Collaborator" Roman and Aaron Bond. This tune, being released by Jungala Recordings, is sure to get caught in your head after you've danced to it all night.

Press PLAY to stream for FREE, then click on the BUY button to purchase it for $1.49 from their BandCamp page to keep it for yourself. As of right now, it is available exclusively for purchase through that link only.

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Stunna - "LIVE In The Greenroom" Mix

Anyone that says Drum and Bass is a dying genre, clearly has not witnessed the "stick-to-it" attitude of this veteran as much as they obviously need to. He always delivers the best and this time is no different. Check out this 3 HOUR LIVE mix from Stunna's Greenroom on Bassdrive from June 12th, 2013! Press PLAY to stream, then download a copy for yourself for FREE - as we're almost positive it will only be around for a limited time - then don't forget to share! Enjoy!

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Track list is as follows:

• Ghettochild - Lemons

• DYL - Occultism

• Pawn - Lean4

• Future Roots - Root Defender

• Thing - Calling Earth

• Exit 9 + Payne - Isolation

• Inztance - One Step Closer

• Total Science - Cargo Dub (Ed. It Remix)

• Clima - All Floats On Now

• Blueprint + Danny Lo - Teflon Dub

• Kator - Distraction

• Spirit - Wildfire

• Exit 9 + Noel - Hurtless

• Roy Green + Protone + LaMeduza ft Monologue - Through the Alps

• Qlyph - Used To Be

• Spastik ft Young Ax - Secret Desire

• (Intersoul ft Identified) - Beautiful Bird

• Roy Green + Protone ft LaMeduza - Alice

• Velocity - What I'm Sayin'

• Spective - Nocturne

• Spastik - Summer Romance

• Furney - Send Me Your Love

• Paul T + Survival - Go Back

• Inztance - What I Must Do

• Makoto ft Paul Randolph - You've Got Sumptin' (Sinistarr Remix)

• Rockwell - Detroit

• Umbr3lla + Cline) - Moonwreck

• Maddela + Dominion - Four Archetypes

• DYL - Book of the Dead

• Nitri ft Simon Jinadu - Searching (Naiubu Remix)

• Umbr3lla + Cline - One Five Four

• Resound + Mineral - Uncertain Soundscapes

• Direct Motion - Parts of Me

• DJ Trax - Inside Out

• Neon - When I Was Dreaming

• Gerwin - Soul Truth (Bungle Remix)

• Noel Armed - Distance

• Method One + Stunna - Obscura

• Quadratic - Between the Cracks (Stunna Remix)

• Decon - Deep Rooted

• Roy Green + Protone ft Ben Soundscape - Dusk

• C9SMO - Clouds

• Calculon ft Kelly Dean - Premonition (Stunna Remix)

• Stunna - Aquarius

• Edward Oberon - Change Everything

• Edward Oberon - Grey

• Tyler Straub - Trapped In An Elevator

• Submorphics - Wax Poetic (Stunna Remix)


Winston Wolfe - "Thighs Like Butter"

Winston Wolfe is a dance music producer, remixer, and DJ from Orlando, Florida. Combining heavy bass and forward-thinking sound design, WInston Wolfe creates unique and different original tracks and DJ sets that allow him to stand out from the DJ masses. A resident DJ of Smile For Camera's Takeovr, and guest DJ for parties like It Gets Hot, Crush, Riot!, Insanity, Dub Factory, Ignition, Sunset Festival, and Electric Daisy Carnival, he's had the opportunity to open for/play with/learn from an overwhelming number of world-class EDM artists. His original tracks and remixes have been featured on Smile For Camera Records, Sweet & Low Records, and Anabatic Records, with several more slated for Beatport release this summer. Press PLAY to stream for FREE and don't forget to share!

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AnnGree - "Lethal Injection Records" Mix

Ok. Back on the grind. And what better way to put us back on track than with another FREE mix from our friend AnnGree! Here's over an hour of a solid Drum N Bass guest mix she did for Lethal Injection Records' podcast. Press PLAY to stream, download for FREE, and don't forget to share! Enjoy.

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Track list is as follows:

01. Optiv & BTK ft Ryme Tyme - Ignition (Kryteria Remix)

02. Dose - Simultaneous

03. AnnGree - Mayday

04. Agressor Bunx - Swarm

05. BTK - Be Yourself

06. Allied - Equilateral

07. Audio, Dylan & Robyn - Rapture (Axiom & Treo Remix)

08. Trei & State of Mind - Breed

09. Bionic1 - Rammer

10. Rolar - Zhelezyaka Planet

11. Psyek - Retribution

12. Place 2B & Paimon - Red

13. Axi - Skyscraper

14. Mastif - Warpdrive

15. Thesys - Quantum Chaos

16. Dose - What Lies Beneath

17. BTK - Megahertz

18. Shimon - Faster Honey

19. Psyek - Kobol

20. Need for Mirrors - Merk

21. Loadstar - Flight

22. Audiomorphics - Underneath Statoil

23. Kelle ft Veela- Yellow Curtains

24. Equid - Blind Step

25. Place 2B & Paimon - Incub (BTK Remix)

26. Maztek ft Malsum - Wolf

27. Mastif - Alignment

28. Defazed - Fallout

29. Fourward ft Youthstar - Aftermath


AK1200 - "Memorial Day 2013" Mix

It's great when we don't need to write anything to accompany a submission. Our friends know us well enough to know we're lazy as hell... especially after coming off of a 3 day weekend. Here's what AK1200 had to say about his most recent release. "Here is a recording from Memorial Day 2013. I played a little set for Delano and his radio show on Bassdrive. It's not typical to a club set I would play, but still filled to the rim with proper heavy tunes :) Also, some of the mixes are off just a hair, but at least you will hear when a tune comes in. Enjoy!" The honesty is refreshing, and we couldn't have written anything better. Press PLAY to stream, download for FREE, and don't forget to share!

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Track list is as follows:

1. Lung - Why Does Anyone Ever Do Anything VIP

2. Chroma - Intermission

3. Mako, Villem, and Fields - Whatever Whatever

4. Prolix feat. MC Coppa - Feed The Habit VIP

5. Callide - Hazed Out (Ganja Riddim)

6. Krakota - Analysis Paralysis

7. Loko - Smash It

8. Danny Byrd - Bad Boy (Back Again)

9. Jonny L - Back to your Roots

10. Cabin Fever UK - Drum Machine

11. Savage Rehab ft Saxxon & Gigante - Rise Up

12. NC-17 - Class of 1999 (Explicit) VIP

13. TC - Au Seve Bootleg

14. Loadstar - Warrior

15. Fourward ft Youthstar - Aftermath

16. June Miller - From Autumn To Ashes

17. Telekinesis & Concord Dawn - Nightwalkers

18. Machine Code - Rhea

19. Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me (S.P.Y. Remix)

20. Kove - Gone (6AM Mix)

21. Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down

22. Closing Chat with Delano and AK1200


Vitamin E - "Nu Skool Breakz Vol 1" Mix

Need something to help fill up some time of that extra day of weekend you have? DJ Vitamin E is back with yet another FREE, brand new mix of Breaks and Bass! Only available for a limited time, this is almost 60 minutes of non-stop, pounding beats! Press PLAY to stream, then download a copy to have for yourself before it's gone! Don't forget to share! Did we mention it's FREE? Enjoy.


Check out more music from Vitamin E on his website:



Empress - "Knowledge Magazine" Mix

If you're not familiar with Empress, get to know her RIGHT NOW. Born and raised a native New Yorker, a Drum and Bass enthusiast, and in her own words is a "lover of dark, deep, rolling, melodic, funky, nasty, fat & bass heavy music!" She was recently featured in Knowledge Magazine with this accompanied mix. Click the link to show some love to the full article, press PLAY to stream, then download it for yourself for FREE, and don't forget to share!

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Stunna - "Telluric Activity" Mix

Back once again with another entirely FREE mix is one of our favorites. This is Stunna's set from the Telluric Activity night at Smartbar Chicago on January 31st, 2013. Press PLAY to stream, but you'll probably want to download this one to keep for yourself. It is 1 hour and 20 minutes of great Drum and Bass. The track selection is prime! [Spoiler: it starts with Nas and just gets better from there.] Enjoy and please don't forget to share!

For more info on Telluric Recordings, visit: TelluricRecordings.com

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