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DeuceWild - "HomeBASS Radio!" Show [12.19.13]

We can't believe it's been over four months since posting a HomeBASS Radio! Show. Admittedly, we are all slackers, so to make it up, we will be getting back up to speed within the next few weeks. Liquid Drum N Bass turntablist, DeuceWild is back! Hailing from Colorado - by way of Cleveland, New Jersey, and Florida - specifically from right here in the Tampa Bay area, we bring you yet another FREE mix and download! This one is about 46 minutes in length, from The HomeBASS Radio Show! Live on The Drum and Bass Lounge by DeuceWild, recorded on December 19th, 2013. [See track list below.] Press PLAY to stream, then download for FREE, and don't forget to share. After that, you can check out other free mixes by DeuceWild right here. Cheers!

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Track list is as follows:

BCEE - Beyond Belief (Technicolour Remix)

Switch - If I Don't Know

Paul T & Edward Oberon - Absolute

Altitude - Early Days

dRamtic & dbAudio - So Strong

MC Fats, Serum & Bladerunner - Inner Soul

Switch - Alright

dRamtic & dbAudio - Far Away ft. Grimm

Etherwood - One Day

Paramount - Eaves Drop

Optiv & CZA - Hindsight

Hibea - The Form (Phil Tangent Remix)

Calibre - Sick of it All

OM Unit - Reverse Logic

Stickman - Pressure

J:Kenzo - One Drop

The Weeknd - The Knowing

Mage - Believe

Eastcolors - The Light (Beastie Respond Remix)


Blu Mar Ten & SEBA - "Hunter" [Stunna Remix]

It's been a hot minute since we posted a FREE tune for your listening pleasure. Who better to bring us back from a music-less void than our good friend Stunna?! No one better. That's whom! Here is his submission for UK's KMag's remix competition. If you're not familiar with the sounds of Blu Mar Ten, then we'd suggest you let this track introduce you. It runs over 8 minutes long and is truly a beautiful version of this already chilled track. Press PLAY to stream for FREE, and then don't forget to share! Enjoy.

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N3V3R - "Knife Dilemna"

Ladies and Gentlemen... We are proud to introduce our newest music project! This is the first of many wild, crazy, and loud mash-ups you will hear from the new Audio/Visual group N3V3R.

Knife Dilemna ft. Workaholics is a mash-up of Knife Party's Power Glove, Dilemn's Temptation, and some tasty samples from this season's premiere of Workaholics. We hope you enjoy N3V3R's first FREE mash-up for you guys. There are some more cool, loud tracks coming your way. Stay tuned! Press PLAY to stream, then click the BUY button to download for FREE! Enjoy, and please share this with your friends.

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Solo350 Ft Taliban - "Hit It Again"

HeadNokka fam is back with another Hip Hop track! Off the upcoming mixtape, She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not (Vol. 2) comes Solo350 and Taliban with the debut of HIT IT AGAIN. Sign up at HeadNokka.com to get your FREE copy when it drops on Valentine's Day!

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DrumSkool215 - "Episode 6" Mix

It's back! The 6th Episode of DrumSkool215 featuring host Joey Breakdown and co-host Art Cuebik, brings us a guest spot by the one and only Jason Magin. A legend in P-town from his days slaving over the Drum n Bass bins @ 611 Records to his pioneering Fuzed Funk parties and radio show, the well traveled disc jockey has an extensive knowledge of the genre and a collection deeper than most. Expect to hear cuts and remixes by the one and only Rufige Kru, Ray Keith, Photek, Urban Shakedown, Dillinja, Deep Blue, L Double, Omni Trio, Cool Hand Flex and Kenny Ken, among many other essentials. Press PLAY to stream and/or download for FREE! Enjoy and share.

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Piyasiri - "Let's Go"

Chalk another one up for social media! We 'met' Piyasiri through Twitter and have since corresponded strictly through DMs to make this one happen for you. If you are trying to get a fan base through Twitter [or any one of the many other social networks available], keep at it. Persistence is key. We checked out his tunes on Soundcloud and immediately became fans.

Piyasiri is a Swedish DJ and music producer in the Dance (EDM) genre. His main focus in the last years has been Electro House Music. His songs have been downloaded over 500,000 times and his fan base grows every day. Intensity and massive bass are present in all of his songs and therefore very popular with people who like it loud! Press PLAY to stream, download a copy for yourself for FREE, and don't forget to share. Enjoy!

To further support the artist - click here - then click the “Donate” button at the top left on his website.

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Roshambo - "Tear It Up" [Jefferson Funk Remix]

Oh, man! They are starting to roll in! Here is another newly remixed tune for 2014 from someone who should be familiar to you all by now. Check out Jefferson Funk's remix of RoShamBo's Tear It Up. Press PLAY to stream, download a copy for yourself for FREE, and don't forget to share! Enjoy.

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DJ Jennifer Marley - "House Boom Boom" [01.01.14]

We were sitting around all day thinking of something to post on New Year's Day and almost gave up, but out of nowhere, Jennifer Marley comes to the rescue! Radio DJ and personality, Jennifer Marley, is gracious enough to allow us to share the mixes from her Boom Boom show on Party 95. She was just deemed "One of South Florida's gems of an artist" by a colleague of hers on Facebook. On a regular basis, she brings us the best in House, Tech House, Tribal Tech, Electro House, and Progressive House music. We'll get you up to speed here, but you can get the current mixes via her SoundCloud page. Press PLAY to stream, download for FREE, then don't forget to leave comments and share the music! Enjoy.

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Note from the artist:

"!!! Happy New Year 2 YOU !!! I hope your new year started off with a SM:)E !! Here is my 1st mix of the New Year. A little House Music FUNK 4 ur 2014. !!! LOTS of Old Skool !!! LOTS of Samples !! LOTS of Funk !! LOTS of Fun !!! I hope you like it!"


Katy Perry - "Peacock" [Aaron Bond Dubstep Remix]

Aaron Bond is giving away yet another freebie. Some nasty Dubstep, with some Katy Perry sprinkled in. You should be familiar with the likes of his tunes by now. Press PLAY to stream, then download a copy for yourself. Please enjoy and share with your friends... and Merry Christmas, fools :) Cheers!

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DJ K8 - "Drum & Bass Seduction"

In our effort to keep bringing you more and more FREE music, we would like to introduce fans of this site to DJ K8. A multi-genre EDM enthusiast, a resident DJ with our friends over at Scene Orlando, and Co-Founder of Sistamatic Sounds, her unique style can be heard throughout her choice of tunes and flawless transitions. To be honest, we weren't going to post up a new track today, but while listening to her latest mix, Drum & Bass Seduction, we were seduced into doing just that. It runs over an hour in length and is full of quality tracks, guaranteed to make you move. Press PLAY to stream, download a copy for yourself [once again for FREE], then don't forget to share! Enjoy.

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Tracklist is as follows:

Dabs - Hourglass

Hybrid Minds - Halycon

Malakay - Vibrate

Liz-E - Something Inside

Disclosure - Second Chance (Bachelors Of Science Remix)

OutSource - Fake Reality

DJ Fresh - Louder (Fliwo Remix)

Nuage - You Are Me

Dubsapiens - Ruins Of Durnhold (Maminal VIP Mix)

Makato - Woe (Lenzman Remix)

Smote ft MC Fava - Soul Is Gone

Sub Zero - Protection

Sub Zero - Make You Wanna Do Right