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Eternity - "Poor Kids"

Next up on our list of notables is a young man by the name of Eternity. He has been featured here before, so our readers should find him familiar at this point. His deep demeanor and insight is balanced with a great sense of humor and a charismatic personality. He is truly well rounded. Eternity's interesting vision for his sound has made him a unqiue staple full of positivity and revealing insights about the world around us and its current condition. His edgy sound and aggressive delivery is truly a sound that has not been heard before. The question now is simple; "Is the world ready to face Eternity?" Press PLAY to stream for FREE, then visit his ReverbNation profile to purchase a download for yourself! Enjoy and share.


Maya Wolff & Oliver Wang - "Hold Her"

Chalk another one up for the internet! In our effort to find more musicians and artists from all over the world, our campaigns on social media once again prevail. We recently 'met' Miss Maya Wolff and were granted permission to feature her music on our humble blog, but instead of our own description, we'll let her describe it in her own words. With everything going on in the media regarding domestic violence and the like, we think it's VERY relevant to the times.

"There is ALWAYS is hope. The light at the end of the tunnel will come, and don't be too scared to look inside! You are loved, worthy, and truly wonderful. My hope is that the girls of the younger generations (as well as mine) will grab hold of everything they are, that they will have all the support they might need to "be mended" and find a safe place to do so, whether that is a friend, their family, a youth club, a ray of sunshine, or this piece of music."

Press PLAY to stream this beautiful Progressive House tune, then download for FREE. Enjoy and share!

Read more about Maya and this song here!

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Kaskade - "Ain't Gotta Lie" [Aaron Bond dNb Remix]

Our resident DJ and producer - Aaron Bond - is back! With more projects on the horizon closing in, this is his Drum & Bass Remix of Kaskade's Ain't Gotta Lie Ft DeCarl. The original is a lovely Deep House tune that Kaskade gave the stems out for. This is what he did with it. Press PLAY to stream and then have a FREE download on us. Enjoy and please share this with your friends! Cheers!

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Bryon Stout - "Audio Art Show: No. 11" Mix

Bryon Stout is back! Actually, he's always been here... we're just now trying to catch up. This time around, we are bringing you the next mix in the lineup for your enjoyment. Broadcasting LIVE every Saturday from 3pm - 6pm EST on DeepHouseLounge.com from Philly, PA, Bryan Stout delivers a sweet Deep House mix for our listening pleasure. Sit back and relax. Press PLAY to stream over 2.5 hours of tunes (tracklist below) or download for FREE, comment, and don't forget to share! Enjoy.

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Tracklist is as follows:

1. John Rivera - Believe In Me (Demarkus Lewis Main Remix)

2. 9west - Theories In Practice (Original Mix)

3. Rey & Kjavik, Kevin Iszard - Animal Vs Beast (Adriatique Remix)

4. Sunshine Jones - We Are What We Are (Balcazar & Sordo Remix)

5. Matt Prehn - Taking It Back Ft Dene Theron (Original Mix)

6. Maribou State - Summerfolds (Original Mix)

7. Da Sunlounge - All I Really Want (Original Mix)

8. David Garfit - The Question Is (Original Mix)

9. Steve Banks - Wanting More (Matt Prehn Remix)

10. Yousef - Beg (Hot Since 82 Future Mix)

11. Tapesh, Albert Marzinotto - Chillies Habanero (UGLH Remix)

12. Da Sunlounge - Party Starter (Original Mix)

13. Maribou State - Pagoda (Original Mix)

14. Manuel Tur - Can't Love (Original Mix)

15. Lee Daley - Getting There (Dirty Culture Remix)

16. Audiowhores - Sanctuary (Original Mix)

17. Waze & Odyssey - Feels Good (Original Mix)

18. Soundealers - The Other Lane (Giom Remix)

19. Speakdeep, Joy Lee, S. Rorschach - Existentialism (Gianluca Peruzzi Remix)

20. David Garfit - The Trouble With This (Original Mix)

21. Sunshine Jones - I Got Your Back (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix)

22. Matt Prehn - Glow (Damien Exton's Goodnight Starshine Remix)

23. Da Sunloung - Whoever (Original Mix)

24. John Rivera - Noche De Carnival (Surrealism's Summer Rain Remix)

25. Matt Prehn - Insomniac Oasis (Original Mix)

26. Waze & Odyssey - Love That (Burns Hot Enough) (Original Mix)

27. Dante & Remmy - I Don't Need You (Original Mix)

28. Homework - Ask Yourself (Audiojack`s Chemical Rewind)

29. David Garfit - Tonight (Original Mix)

30. Waze & Odyssey - I Want You You You (Original Mix)

31. Speakdeep, Joy Lee, S. Rorschach - Existentialism (Federico Locchi Remix)


CHVRCHES - "Gun" [N3V3R Dubstep Remix]

Ladies and Gentlemen... N3V3R is back with their first ever FREE remix! CHVRCHES is one of our favorite acts at the moment, and we thought we would pay a little respect by dirty'n up one of their prettier tunes. We turned out a huge Dubstep banger for this one. We hope you enjoy the FREE download (for now). The first 100 downloads are FREE. After that, you have to like N3V3R on Facebook to gain access. We hope you enjoy their music as much as we do. Enjoy, and please share with your friends!

NOTE FROM OUR ARTISTS: Please keep in mind, this remix is NOT officially granted by CHVRCHES, and we are NOT making any monetary gain whatsoever from this. Please go and buy CHVRCHES music on iTunes here.

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DJ Jennifer Marley - "Electric Boom Boom" House Edition [2.11.14]

Radio DJ and personality, Jennifer Marley, is gracious enough to allow us to share the mixes from her Boom Boom show on Party 95. She was just deemed "One of South Florida's gems of an artist" by a colleague of hers on Facebook. On a regular basis, she brings us the best in House, Tech House, Tribal Tech, Electro House, and Progressive House music. We'll get you up to speed here, but you can get the current mixes via her SoundCloud page. Press PLAY to stream, download for FREE, then don't forget to leave comments and share the music! Enjoy.

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Track Listing is as follows:

1. Block & Crown - Getting Busy (Original Mix)

2. Daley Padley, Prok & Fitch - The New Wave (Marco Lys Vs. Prok & Fitch 2012 Re-Rub)

3. My Digital Enemy, Jason Chance - Put Your Hands Up (Original Mix)

4. Red Carpet - Alright 2014 (Lucas & Steve, Nothing But Funk Remix)

5. Tom Sawyer - Change (Original Mix)

6. Pretty Pink - Please Don't Leave Me (DJ Sign & Manuel Voltera Remix)

7. DJ Dan, Rescue & Terry Mullen - Phreaky Deaky 2014 (Original Mix)

8. Peter Brown - House Circus (Original Mix)

9. Dura & Oziriz - Modern Race (Dub Mix)

10. Slideback & Philippe B - Feel Good (Original Mix)

11. Wise D & Kobe - Check Out The Groove (Original Mix)

12. Mobin Master & Ian Carey - Lights Out (Dan Van & Adam Fierce Remix)

13. Muzzaik - Gravy (Original Mix)

14. UMEK, Groovebox - Sweet Harmony (Original Mix)

15. DJ Dan - Reckless Gurl (WhiteNoize + Mike Balance Remix)

16. Tradelove - The Race (Criminal Vibes Remix)



Liquid Drum N Bass turntablist, DeuceWild is back! Hailing from Colorado - by way of Cleveland, New Jersey, and Florida - specifically from right here in the Tampa Bay area, we bring you yet another FREE mix and download! This one is about 48 minutes in length, from The HomeBASS Radio Show! This is a pre-recorded LIVE set from The Drum and Bass Lounge by DeuceWild, recorded on January 16th, 2014. [See track list below.] Press PLAY to stream, then download for FREE, and don't forget to share. After that, you can check out other free mixes by DeuceWild right here. Cheers!

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Track list is as follows:

Mr. Sizef - Subway, Which is Unknown to Us

Mr. Sizef - The Seconds Before Snow Turns Into Water

Jaydan - Element

Hobzee & Zyon Base - Unspoken

ICR - It Could Have Been Me (Soulproof Remix)

Calibre - The Water Carrier

Total Science - Melody Snow

OM Unit - The Hand

Double O - The Love of Jah

Dexcell - Don't Look Back

Marcus Intalex & ST Fiels - Universe

Noisia - Last Look

Total Science - Trespass

Sabre & Cern - Pinch Me

Rido - Core

Ulterior Motive & Hybris - Bring Out

Jubei & Marcus Intalex ft. MC DRS - Tip the Scales

Teebee - Liquid Night (Remix)

Hibea - The Form (Phil Tangent Remix)

Blame - Inside Heart

Ego Trippin Ft MC Fats - Stay Forever

Mikal - Immaterial

Break & Hydro - Breathless


N3V3R - "Protoxykore"

Ladies and Gentlemen... N3V3R is back with its second mashup installment. This time you get the dirty bass straight to the dome, as they give a dirty Drumstep/DnB twist to some of the biggest tunes in the last few years. Protoxykore is a mashup of Skrillex's Kyoto ft. Sirah, Nero's Promises [Skrillex Remix], and xKore's Hello. We hope you enjoy N3V3R's 2nd FREE Mashup for you guys. There are many more cool, loud tracks coming your way. Including an all Original EP!!! Enjoy, and please share with your friends!

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Atlantic Connection - "Long Road Home"

As we are constantly scouring the interwebs for more music to turn you on to, we ran into Atlantic Connection on Twitter, quickly asked for permission to re-post tunes, and here you go. Admittedly, we are late to the party on this act. The first tune we are featuring is called Long Road Home, a release about a week old from SMOG Records. It is a super laid back track with Jungle and Liquid overtones that play smoothly throughout. Press PLAY to stream for FREE, then support the artist buy purchasing the track for download from BeatPort, and don't forget to share! Enjoy.


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Imagiin360 - "Sketch Out Dreams"

We recently attended The Legends of Hip Hop concert at Jannus LIVE in St. Petersburg, FL - featuring Slick Rick and Rakim. Our close friends over at Headnokka Fam, Used Heroes had the opportunity to open the show. One half of the duo, Imagiin360, just released a new music video from his FREE and recently released Citizen Prophet LP. It's called Sketch Out Dreams, and it addresses the existing state of what the current generation labels as Hip Hop, then ventures out to set them straight. Press PLAY to watch the video, then download the FREE album here. Leave us a comment below to let us know what you think. Enjoy and don't forghet to share!

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