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[Spring Hill | Tampa] Big fella, bigger dreams. This MC has been hitting the local Tampa area stages since a very early age. With roots stemming from NYC, he met FEN Entertainment front man, Analysis489, when he moved to a small town called Spring Hill, before the promotions company was ever even a thought. Together, along with HeadKnokka Fam front man, Imagiin360, they headed up rap group after rap group in order to acquire and maintain a steady local fan base and following! As the years progressed, the three separated ways after high school, but reunited close to 12 years later, simply to pick up where they all had left off. Making music. With all of them set and primed in their distinctive corners of the industry, Solo has decided to team up once again to take the dying Hip Hop industry by storm.

In association with Matrix Music, Solo has just released Bully In The Sandbox: The B.I.T.S. Mix Tape, one of many albums with a Real Life Rap message. [Click link for the FREE album download.] With a mixture of "conscious rap" tracks and radio-ready tunes, he has become well known in his community, with a growing amount of fans that display nothing but support. With rap crews like NoS, IllaFellas, and EMS in his pockets... Solo's going to be a BIG problem for Hip Hop to deal with. Stay tuned.

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Adriana Taylor

With Adriana Taylor’s ear for perfection and her sweet melodic voice, she is certainly getting the attention she deserves with the release of her first single No Boys. Much Music and MTV are currently promoting the official video and she is currently in rotation on both stations.

Adriana’s love affair with music started at a very young age, watching her parents in the entertainment business. Her father, a very promising singer, who sang on the Tommy Hunter Show for many years, and her mother, a model and dancer, who was featured in over 100 commercials and print ads, showed Adriana you can be successful and in control of your career.

Soon after moving to Calgary, Adriana got started in the #1 performing arts school in Canada, The Young Canadians. She was a member as both a singer and a dancer for 10 years, giving her 10 years of performing experience in front of more than 30,000 people. After leaving the school, Adriana’s hunger for performing grew strong. She started doing independent shows around Calgary. One of the first being the featured singer at a Charity Masked Ball for MS research. Adriana was getting her name out there and was asked to be the opening act for Ashanti, Eve, 112 and Blu Cantrell. Soon after, Adriana had a hit song on Kiss 969 in Calgary, called So Hot. Adriana then lucked upon a band called Black Mamba and started gigging Motown, R&B & Jazz covers. They gigged together for over 3 years, traveling all around Alberta. This took Adriana’s stage presence to another level, making it easy to perform for 10 people or 10,000 people.

Adriana took her career to the next level, moving to Toronto. She recorded exclusively at world renowned Cherry Beach Studios & executive produced her 5 song EP and her official video for her single No Boys. Adriana recently released her 5 song EP Before You & Me and is promoting it on iTunes. She is certainly making her mark in the Canadian music industry, with many more hits to follow.

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[Tampa] Born in long Island, NY and raised the majority of his life in Tampa, Florida, Latin Hip Hop artist MECCA started rhyming in 2001, influenced by none other than Imagiin360, and shortly became an adapting artist to the game; bringing the North-meets-South, East Coast-riding music along with that BOOM BAT hip hop appeal. "Hip Hop is more than music to me, it's a culture and a universal remedy for anything NOT right in the world - whether it be problems, obstacles, or burdens put in the way of my overall goal: to reach the climax of Hip Hop history's major juggernauts of the game. As a part of the HeadNOKKA Fam we've officially started the Revolution."

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[Tampa] Born in 1981 in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, music has always been an influence growing up listening to artist like Hector Lavoe,Frankie Ruiz, and Tommy Olivencia just to name a few, the latin side of music was already a part of his roots. It wasn't until a few years later when his family moved to New York, that he was introduced to Hip Hop. Hip Hop changed him. He knew right then and there that's what he wanted to do. He began writing and perfecting his sound with the vision of creating his own style, which we know today as Regason - a mixture of English and Spanish rhymes with Hip Hop rhythms and Reggaeton fusions. It wasn't till six years ago, when he joined forces with the Headnokka Fam and became the Latin writer in the team, putting together records that would eventually break the language barriers.

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Synchronaria is DJ Aaron Bond and MC Collaborator. Friends for years before teaming up, they decided to see what would happen if they got together to make awesome tunes. With a FREE album released for download on March 8th, 2012, and a new album already on its way, this duo is taking different music genres - such as Dubstep and Drum N Bass - and turning them on their heads. Keep an eye on these two. They are a force to be reckoned with.

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[Orlando] Collaborator is a DJ, MC, Producer, and Promoter. He has associations with Jungala, Torque, Dublife, and is one-half of Synchronaria, a Drum N Bass & Dubstep music group. His residencies include Torque - every Wednesday at Vixen Bar and Dubscenario - Every Thursday at Sky60 with Cliff T & The Dom.

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The Stick Martin Show

The Stick Martin Show formed on the 28th day of the eleventh month, in the year 2003 AD. It was in the county of Pasco that they met... aahhhh yes, in the sunny state of Florida, three transplanted, musically proficient nomads met through tones unknown.

Mr. Stick Martin will ignite your brain lava with his lyrical genius, and he is sure to get you off your seat. This boy's from Frogballs, Pennsyltucky and he knows how to knock your socks on your ass, so look out!!!

Stick, fresh off the L-train circuit in NYC, moved to Florida - suitcase, guitar, and a BIG box of CD's in his hand.... And then a miracle! He met 2 of the coolest, most awesome, kick ass musicians:

Eric Harlow - He plays the bass guitar... with both hands. There have been many times, at many different places that people have said, in not so round about ways, that his 2 handed style is just as good as some others they have heard. (That could even include stuff that they heard on the RADIO! - Gasp!). He's from south western Michigan (just an hour out of Chicago).

Gerald Pilkey - Long legged drummer from parts unknown. He's a Florida boy, full of sunshine and good beats. He'll hold the groove down like you would not believe. He's like the sexy Mrs. Dash to Stick and Harlow's salt and pepper. He's like pop rocks and diet Pepsi, mang. Can you dig?

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BradLeeRay [A.K.A.: BLR]

[Orlando] BradLeeRay aka BLR has DJ'd all over the state of Florida for years. Starting out in '99 spinning Breakbeats and quickly moving to Drum N Bass in 2000, BLR has worked his way up to being one of Orlando's top dnb DJs.

Writing his first tune on a Casio keyboard at the age of seven and playing the guitar by age 12, music has always been a big part of his life. He played guitar in the Orlando based group Synchronaria alongside longtime local dnb MC, Collaborator, Aaron Bond, and Electron-C in 2008 & 2009. Starting his own production company in 2010, BLR Productions, and also starting a new dnb monthly Bass Line Research, Brad is doing his part to keep the music scene alive and well in Orlando. Affiliated with companies such as Jungala, Stoutcast, FEN/489, Social Menace, and Moon Mushroom, you can catch BradLeeRay almost every week DJing somewhere out and around the state.

BLR has played alongside such artists as DJ Hype, DJ SS, Kenny Ken, AK1200, A Sides, Dara, MC Tali, Gridlok, Reid Speed, Monk, Random Movement, AnnGree, Kryteria, Stunna, Genr8, SST, Circle K, Collaborator, and Juan Basshead to name a few.

Be sure to check this guy out anytime you can. His ability to read the crowd along with great tune selection and mixing skills, BLR always puts on a show.

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Aaron Field

[Tampa] Specializing in acoustic guitar, Mr. Field hails from the SLC, Utah, where he gained his rebellious roots. While these days focusing on his more grounded, reasonable side, Aaron continues a very fun, but competitive personality, while maintaining his first passion: music. He sings, writes, and plays guitar. He met his musical opposite, yet somehow musical equal, Analysis489, almost by accident in 2002. They have worked on multiple projects, including running open MIC nights at a local bar, when they first met Soulfound, a local rock band, back in 2006. You can listen to some of his recordings here.

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Aaron Bond

[Orlando] Since 1999, Aaron Bond has been DJing and producing Drum N Bass. Back in 2005, Bond stumbled upon something called "Liquid Funk", completely changing his DJ and production style. Bond has spent the last 3 years honing his skills for this new soulful buzz. Behind the tables, Bond certainly holds his own and has recently added Dupstep to his arsenal. An understudy of the Pensacola DnB crew KnightBreed, Bond will have you shakin' your rump until it falls off. Aaron grew up on punk rock; like Minor Threat, Lagwagon, and Bad Religion, just to name a few. As of right now? Command Strange, George Young, Stereotype, Sopheye, Redeyes, and Apex. The list goes on and on. Hold tight... don't miss the funk!!!

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