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The Stick Martin Show

The Stick Martin Show formed on the 28th day of the eleventh month, in the year 2003 AD. It was in the county of Pasco that they met... aahhhh yes, in the sunny state of Florida, three transplanted, musically proficient nomads met through tones unknown.

Mr. Stick Martin will ignite your brain lava with his lyrical genius, and he is sure to get you off your seat. This boy's from Frogballs, Pennsyltucky and he knows how to knock your socks on your ass, so look out!!!

Stick, fresh off the L-train circuit in NYC, moved to Florida - suitcase, guitar, and a BIG box of CD's in his hand.... And then a miracle! He met 2 of the coolest, most awesome, kick ass musicians:

Eric Harlow - He plays the bass guitar... with both hands. There have been many times, at many different places that people have said, in not so round about ways, that his 2 handed style is just as good as some others they have heard. (That could even include stuff that they heard on the RADIO! - Gasp!). He's from south western Michigan (just an hour out of Chicago).

Gerald Pilkey - Long legged drummer from parts unknown. He's a Florida boy, full of sunshine and good beats. He'll hold the groove down like you would not believe. He's like the sexy Mrs. Dash to Stick and Harlow's salt and pepper. He's like pop rocks and diet Pepsi, mang. Can you dig?

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