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DJ Jennifer Marley - "House Boom Boom" [01.01.14]

We were sitting around all day thinking of something to post on New Year's Day and almost gave up, but out of nowhere, Jennifer Marley comes to the rescue! Radio DJ and personality, Jennifer Marley, is gracious enough to allow us to share the mixes from her Boom Boom show on Party 95. She was just deemed "One of South Florida's gems of an artist" by a colleague of hers on Facebook. On a regular basis, she brings us the best in House, Tech House, Tribal Tech, Electro House, and Progressive House music. We'll get you up to speed here, but you can get the current mixes via her SoundCloud page. Press PLAY to stream, download for FREE, then don't forget to leave comments and share the music! Enjoy.

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Note from the artist:

"!!! Happy New Year 2 YOU !!! I hope your new year started off with a SM:)E !! Here is my 1st mix of the New Year. A little House Music FUNK 4 ur 2014. !!! LOTS of Old Skool !!! LOTS of Samples !! LOTS of Funk !! LOTS of Fun !!! I hope you like it!"


Katy Perry - "Peacock" [Aaron Bond Dubstep Remix]

Aaron Bond is giving away yet another freebie. Some nasty Dubstep, with some Katy Perry sprinkled in. You should be familiar with the likes of his tunes by now. Press PLAY to stream, then download a copy for yourself. Please enjoy and share with your friends... and Merry Christmas, fools :) Cheers!

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DJ K8 - "Drum & Bass Seduction"

In our effort to keep bringing you more and more FREE music, we would like to introduce fans of this site to DJ K8. A multi-genre EDM enthusiast, a resident DJ with our friends over at Scene Orlando, and Co-Founder of Sistamatic Sounds, her unique style can be heard throughout her choice of tunes and flawless transitions. To be honest, we weren't going to post up a new track today, but while listening to her latest mix, Drum & Bass Seduction, we were seduced into doing just that. It runs over an hour in length and is full of quality tracks, guaranteed to make you move. Press PLAY to stream, download a copy for yourself [once again for FREE], then don't forget to share! Enjoy.

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Tracklist is as follows:

Dabs - Hourglass

Hybrid Minds - Halycon

Malakay - Vibrate

Liz-E - Something Inside

Disclosure - Second Chance (Bachelors Of Science Remix)

OutSource - Fake Reality

DJ Fresh - Louder (Fliwo Remix)

Nuage - You Are Me

Dubsapiens - Ruins Of Durnhold (Maminal VIP Mix)

Makato - Woe (Lenzman Remix)

Smote ft MC Fava - Soul Is Gone

Sub Zero - Protection

Sub Zero - Make You Wanna Do Right


Armani White - "Call Out My Name"

Armani White's T.O.L.L. series reaches out with its second release; the Freddie Joachim assisted track Call Out My Name. The song paints the up and down sequences of a premature love story between two avid adolescents and describes every matrimonial flaw that makes them perfect. The full T.O.L.L. project is slated to be finalized and released within the coming weeks. Enjoy and share!

Note from the artist:

"Let me first just say how happy I am to be almost finished with this project, a project with no delays and that I actually sat down and hand crafted with the help of a few of my brothers. You should have a solid date for the project shortly after the holidays. But until then, nod your head to this, spread it to your friends and you'll hear from me soon..."

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Aaron Bond - "Wake Up"

Aaron Bond is back with another brand new freebie for you. This time it is a big Electro House Banger with a Progressive Dubstep twist. This will for sure make you put your hands in the air, while you bob to the headbanging beat. The first 100 Downloads are FREE from SoundCloud. After that you'll only have to Like Bond on Facebook to get it! Please share this one with your friends! Enjoy.

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Ambition - "November Podcast" Mix

After years of posting his tunes and mixes, we here at the 489 Entertainment Group, finally had the pleasure of meeting Ambition and his crew over this year's Labor Day weekend at Labor Dance in Tampa, but haven't heard anything new from him since then... UNTIL NOW! What you are about to hear is over an hour of Electro and [Nu] Disco for your pre- and post-Thanksgiving listening pleasure. Press PLAY to stream for FREE, be sure to download a copy for yourself, then don't forget to share! Enjoy!

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Mecca & Regason - "Caketown"

Fair warning: NSFW. Our fam over a Headnokka has been busy brewing up The Recipe, a new Hip Hop album by Mecca & Regason due around Thanksgiving. Check out what they call a "hard-hitting grunge track bumping an anthem for the Tampa Hip Hop heads!" With their unique back-and-forth, they once again bring us the best in Underground and Indie Hip Hop. Press PLAY to stream for FREE, then look for the album in just a few weeks! Enjoy.

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DJ Drager - "November 2013" Mix

It's been a while since we posted some tunes, and there is good reason, but we're not going to give you one. Instead of trying to write something clever for this submission after being away for so long, here is what Drager himself had to say about his mix for November.

"NO COMPUTERS USED!!! FINALLY, after getting my CDJs back from the shop, I bring you my November 2013 mix. Starting out with some more peak hour progressive, and some current play remixes, then moving into vocal progressive, you get some of everything you have been asking me to put into a mix for you.

The last mix I put up in August has had more than 4,000 unique plays, and I can't thank you all enough for that. It means the world to me to know that people in close to 100 countries around the world are listening to my music, and enjoying it."

Press PLAY to stream, then download a copy for yourself, and please share. Enjoy!

For booking inquiries, please send an email to info@djdrager.com

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Aaron Bond - "All Original dNb" Mix

So Bond was not originally going to release this mix to the public for FREE, but his fans demanded it, so here it is! 100% completely original tunes produced by Aaron Bond on this mix. It's a quick, 20-minute jumper that will move your soul. Released first on Noize.FM for the EDM Free Download Show. Fun fact: the songs that comprise this mix were all released as FREE singles on this very site as they debuted! We hope you enjoy, and as always, please share, re-post, like, and let the world know about Bond.

Track listing is as follows:

01. Aaron Bond - Changing Fate (Free Download)

02. Aaron Bond - Lazy Sunday (Free Download)

03. Aaron Bond - Default Error (Force Recordings)

04. Aaron Bond - Autumn Green (Free Download)

05. Aaron Bond - Face the Truth (Kill Inc.)

06. Aaron Bond - Summer Jam (Free Download)

07. Aaron Bond - Falling Backwards (Liquid Brilliants Dub)

08. Aaron Bond - Waving Goodbye (Liquid Brilliants Dub)

09. Aaron Bond - Bang, Bang (Liquid Brilliants)

10. Aaron Bond - Stories (Liquid Brilliants)

11. Aaron Bond - Move Forward (Force Recordings)

12. Charles Bradley - Where Do We Go From Here [Aaron Bond Remix]

13. Aaron Bond - Goldfinger (Free Download)

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DrumSkool215 - "Episode 5" Mix

It's back! The 5th installment of the Philadelphia based DrumSkool215 podcast series featuring host Joey Breakdown and co-host Art Cuebik. Expect a straight hour of heady sci-fi steppers guaranteed to take you right back to 1997. As with the last show, they stuck with all vinyl throughout. The usual suspects all make appearances, showcasing their favorite labels of the time - Metalheadz, 31 Records, Ram, No U-Turn, Prototype and Renegade Hardware! Press PLAY to stream and/or download for FREE! Enjoy and share.

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