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Geri X
from SMA Vol. 2: Tampa Bay & Beyond Compilation

Continuing the celebration of Tampa Bay's blossoming Folk/Americana scene, today we bring you Geri X. "Fever" is an intimate track that should send some chills down some problematic and lying lover's spine. This is a good one to put on that breakup mixtape you have been working on. Enjoy.

Download Geri X "Fever" ››

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DJ Aaron Bond Schedule Released!

FEN Artist, DnB DJ Aaron Bond sent us his schedule the other day. Here it is!

Konkrete Jungle Tampa

15 October 2008: 10PM

The New Gasoline Alley

14042 66th St. North, Largo, 33771

Cost: $2

Protocol Show

24 October 2008: 8PM

Bourbon Street Station

1770 Saint Johns Bluff Rd. S, Jacksonville, 32246

Cost: TBA

Crooked Bayou Show

5 January 2009

Crooked Bayou

50 E. Central Blvd., Orlando, 32801

Cost: FREE!


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Rebekah Pulley
"Calling All Beliefs"
from SMA Vol. 2: Tampa Bay & Beyond Compilation

Florida's own songstress of soulful, rootsy, folk-pop noir, Rebekah Pulley has the sonic presence of Chris Issak on this track. Dark, brooding and sultry, "Calling All Beliefs" would be a great addition to any opening sequence for a TV show or a movie. Any takers? Enjoy.

Download Rebekah Pulley "Calling All Beliefs" ››

Check out Rebekah Pulley on MySpace ››

Purchase the SMA Vol. 2 Compilation Disc ››


Soulfound's Tour Schedule Released!

California here we come! Then, we will do some high profile gigs in FL. Check for your city... Hope to see you out!

Oct 16 2008 10:00P
The Cat Club
Los Angeles, California

Oct 17 2008 7:00P
Mirror Image Studios - No Lip Vol. 1 West Coast Tour
Anaheim, California

Oct 18 2008 6:00P
The Cobalt - No Lip Vol. 1 West Coast Tour
Canoga Park, California

Oct 25 2008 8:00P
Big Shots w/ The Pursuit, Someday Souvenir and SMB Project
Clearwater, Florida

Nov 15 2008 8:00P
State Theatre presented by Creative Loafing and SMAsh Radio
Saint Petersburg, Florida

Nov 22 2008 8:00P
To Be Confirmed
Miami, Florida

Nov 26 2008 8:00P
Gasoline Alley w/ Suburban Tragedy
Largo, Florida

Nov 29 2008 8:00P
The Hall w/ The Prospect and Have Gun, Will Travel
Palmetto, Florida

Dec 13 2008 8:00P
Gasoline Alley w/ Trace of Day, INYO, Drew Street Mary
Largo, Florida

And coming soon...
Jannus Landing, FL tour (possibly) including Orlando! and new videos...



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Summerbirds in the Cellar
"Sunlight Sickness, Electric Night"
from SMA Vol. 2: Tampa Bay & Beyond Compilation

Florida's Summerbirds in the Cellar deliver an electric assault on this pulsating and slithering track. Although some of their newer material is more like Minus the Bear meets REM, this track is one of their earlier releases that was featured on SMA Vol. 2. Enjoy and then go over to their MySpace and listen to more!

Download Summerbirds in the Cellar "Sunlight Sickness, Electric Night" ››

Check out Summerbirds in the Cellar on MySpace ››

Purchase the SMA Vol. 2 Compilation Disc ››


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"Save Me"

The Pursuit's anthemic pop punk song "Save Me" makes me want to salute a pint of Guinness and dive head-first into the war against the establishment. The Pursuit is a three piece Post-Punk Progressive Rock 'n Roll band local to Clearwater, Florida. Their focus is on writing original songs and building up a show that moves your ass and warms your heart. They remind me of NOFX and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and I really like that. Enjoy!

Download The Pursuit "Save Me" ››

Check out The Pursuit on MySpace ››


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"Hey Mr. Spaceman"

Tampa, FL's GreyMarket is awesome. I know its not much of a description, but this duo has a unique and hip "rock proglectric" sound along the lines of Muse. "Hey Mr. Spaceman" is a driving tune about the perils of being an astronaut including specific references to shuttle missions. Cave and Mike have a winner on their hands. Make sure you get a copy of their new CD, "Some Orbits Will Never Decay" which dropped on Sept 26. Enjoy!

Download GreyMarket "Hey Mr. Spaceman" ››

Check out GreyMarket on MySpace ››


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"The District"

Miami's Outereach has a great song here. Electro-dance funk pop rock. This danceable tune has a great vibe. "It makes me want to drive around South Beach looking for a party, and I hate South Beach." - Ivan [Mohawk Bomb Records]. Eddie and the guys have consistently dished out tasty and unique music for years. Make sure you go to their Website and check out more of their music. Enjoy!

Download Outereach "The District" ››

Check out Outereach's Website ››


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Ryan Wendell Bauer & the MIDI Sixteen
"Life Injection"

We love this guy! This is the second song from RWB & the MIDI16's upcoming album "Happy Friday" that we have showcased. This slow jam is about saying goodbye to your vices for an addicting lady. I can already hear the South Tampa clubs pumping this ditty. Brilliant wordsmithing and gratuitous use of autotune. For fans of Flight of the Conchords and Prince. Enjoy!

Download Ryan Wendell Bauer "Life Injection" ››

Check out Ryan Wendell Bauer's Website ››

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Free Song of the Day! Enjoy. Share.

"Crawl Inside"

Sobriety's set at the Rock Solid Pressure Showcase was intense. Reminding me of The Panic Division, Deftones and Staind. Sobriety's sound is tight, powerful and melodically soothing. Enjoy!

Download Sobriety "Crawl Inside" ››

Check Sobriety out on MySpace ››

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