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I Love Butternut!

If you get my title reference then high five! In this case I am talking about a wine, not a horse but more on that later. Feast your eyes upon the new Great American Wine Collection at Datz:

The user friendly and fun design will help guide you towards a delicious wine decision utilizing categories and sub-categories. I only sampled twelve (yes, I said "only") but will be heading back for the rest as I would highly recommend the twelve I sampled and feel confident the rest of the menu is superb.

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If you've never been to Datz then stop reading this and get there now. Datz and I were love at first bite. After moving here from South Florida and missing my foodie destinations, I went searching for somewhere in Tampa to satisfy my needs. I found Datz with their amazing beer list. I had Duck Sliders with duck bacon and caramelized onions and I was fully in love. Then I went to a 13th Step Dinner at the owners' house hosted by Tasting Tampa. It was proposal time. I must admit that I'd never had wine at Datz, just copious amounts of beer, booze and bites so I'm really psyched about this well crafted wine list and you should be too.

The fabulous curator of this menu, Jodi Fritch (food and wine blogger, sommelier, Empress of Wine, maker of bone marrow butter that I'm still dreaming about), gave us a brief introduction and then the wines were flowing...like a freaking waterfall. I savored the first sips and then it was more like doing wine shots to keep up. To clarify, I am in NO WAY complaining. First up, some food shots to get you salivating and then I shall quench your thirst.

Ranch Popcorn! In a pig dish! I need both in my life.

On to the wine! Let me preface this by stating that I am not a wine expert but a wine enthusiast. My notes are just that: my notes. I'm not extensive on all but will highlight my favorites and must state again that I enjoyed every single one I sampled and encourage you to go be adventurous. I also want to reiterate that this list is all American. Now we shall proceed!

First up,

Swanson Pinot Grigio: nice mouth feel and balance, fantastic aroma

NxNW Riesling: definitely one of my faves; not too sweet Riesling, dry, delicious

Anne Amie Cuvee A Amarita: light spritz on the tongue, boozy in the greatest of ways

'75 Sauvignon Blanc: aged in steel tanks and the label has fun 1975 facts, bright with a nice finish

Hogwash Rose: I was sold by the hog on the label (yes, I'm that easy) and that it has its own sub-category called "Cheerful Rose". Who am I to refuse?

Anne Amie Muller Thurgau: our second Anne Amie; I think I like these people...

Butternut Chardonnay: "So freaking good" is what I wrote and that it was. Hint of butterscotch on the finish, this wine is bananas

Meiomi Belle Glos Pinot Noir: very light Pinot but bold and complex; another fave

Stratton Lummis The Riddler Lot 2: by far my favorite; fierce, sexy, fantastic legs; I had seconds; go drink this wine with someone you want to make out with; no one seems to know what varieties are in this but there are many and I don't really care. I like this wine, can you tell? The wine may have been starting to kick in, can you tell??

Troublemaker "Blend 6": fruity, jammy, spicy on the finish

Milbrandt Brothers Blend B: smooth and meaty; made my beef taste even more buttery

Luna Vineyards Lunatic White: I missed this the first go round but I managed to sample at the end; very aromatic is all I wrote, kids, sorry!

We wrapped up, chatting, all wine happy. I made new friends, as you do when sealed in a room full of wine and food. And there was no way I was leaving Datz Dough without grabbing dessert to go. Holy Macaroons! The salted caramel was a stand out. I also got some William Dean chocolates because they are devine as well as a Potato Chip Chocolate Ganache Cake. No description necessary.

I had a terrible time, obviously. Damn that wonderful Jodi for the invite. Seriously though, I'm honored to have attended. A huge round of applause for all that worked on it. As for you, the wine list launched last night, Thursday, June 6th, so get your ass to Datz. Go! Now!

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